A new iridology will arise from quantum discoveries, which will take into account the photons entering the eye and biophotons reemitted by the eye, a phenomenon documented by science today (see book). 

The joint study of light, the iris and the non-coding DNA (representing 90% of our DNA) is the key to a different and truly holistic reading of the body and health which will complement traditional 

iridology in the future.


- New approach to Naturopathy and Iridology

- Summary of scientific and esoteric approaches to energy in natural medicine

- Perspective on quantum Iridology: marking Photonics

- Track new exploration and homeopathic prescription

- Tree of Kabbalah and Iridology: topography and classification of medicines

- DNA, RNA / amino acids: iridiologic localization and projection


      An analogy was established at a distant time, between the iris and the 7 major planets of the solar system. This book shows that this analogy is actually observed by analysing the iris according to a precise topography (7 circles of the iris) and the vectors of this analogy are the seven metals that alchemical tradition attributed to major planets in the Pharaonic era.

Biology confirmed in the 80's, that DNA was the receiver of these metalic energies and the remaining 7 alchemical metals were the only metals having the ability to initiate DNA in order to make transformations.

In light of discoveries in quantum physics and the Hermetic Tradition (Alchemy, Magic, Astrology and Kabbalah later), we demonstrate the importance and role of metals in this analogy, and their therapeutic application after detection of their projection area in the iris.

Besides the educational presentation and therapeutic application of this discovery, this work highlights the expansion of metal connections to all remedies and naturopathic techniques. It also offers two radically new lines of research:

- In homeopathy by means of an alphanumeric method established by Pythagoras that we apply to the Latin name of the remedies in distinguishing between energy and information: the energy of a homeopathic remedy is diluted and energized is a physical principle expressed as  frequencies, however the the information contained in a remedy is non-physical but mathematical, definable using Pythagorean numerology.

Homeopathy has never drawn the distinction between medicine and informational energy medicine, these two terms are most often used synonymously. This model also allowed us numerology to classify remedies on the kabbalistic tree and determine their projection area in the iris (see diagram and classification in the book).

- In iridology, developing and specifying the hypothesis of an iridologic marking of photonic paths that would elievate the delicate problem of mapping variations from one author to another.

In the context of wave mechanics, mathematical Fourier analysis will be discussed; specifically the relationship between light and scientifically confirmed DNA, and the role of the psyche in the fall of the wave function of the light traversing the body.

We will also discuss the dual embryological origin of certain tissues of the body and therefore their projection area on the iris, the Chinese meridians and a special relationship between light and the eye and subtle bodies called "light bodies" in the Tradition.

We will see more specifically how and why - in the case of iridologic marking of photonic paths - iris projections may not be identical from one individual to another, and reveal only statistical trends related to the characteristics of even of light itself.

This book aims primarily to highlight Naturopathy and Iridology in terms of double quantum science and the esoteric tradition, addressing unknown shores where these two approaches seem to converge. Points will be treated in physics, chemistry, biology and psychology, where many experiments are described, but also dietary Ethnology and rational knowledge of traditional societies, spirituality, meditation, magic in the true sense of an art now tarnished and ridiculed, dowsing, and Geobiology of sacred geometry, numerology (arithmology and arithmosophy) or Tarot and Elemental Theory.

This is not to disperse to infinity or to offer a free summary of the esoteric, but to show that all these disciplines described as "occult" originally formed a unit whose unity was lost or forgotten. These elements are now segmented as magnetic pellets detached from an untraceable table, rendering the New Age movement unreliable and confusing.

But this picture where each piece had its origins, its order and place has always existed,  yet as discrete historical remains. In Egypt, in the 14 century BC, it appeared officially as Hermetic Science.      

Book Layout

     The first part lays the foundation of naturopathic iridology and our approach with reference to the planets and the metals of alchemical tradition and anthroposophy. It's healing of an herniated disc with a homeopathic dose of Plumbum METALLICUM that initializes the start of this therapy adventure.

The second and third parts are trying to identify tracks and esoteric scientific support our hypothesis and our method. Will be parallel quantum disciplines (applied to astrophysics, biology and brain research and consciousness) andHermetic Science, universal and comprehensive approach to reality which nothing remains, in the simplicity of New Age movement, a procession of esoteric beliefs without rooting.

In the fourth part we will discuss how and with what tools, when science collides with the limits of measuring instruments, we can attempt to evaluate the informational and energetic phenomena in the context of a therapeutic practice. We will see how homeopathy can be viewed in a radically new angle to support the discovery of radiation from the letters of the Latin alphabet and the encoded digital information they deliver, making each substance other than what what the medical field is intended.

Finally, in Part V we put forward a number of ideas for developing a quantum iridology based on scientific discovery in the 80s, the movement of light from the eye to the DNA ( photons) and from DNA to the iris (biophotons) . We will see that it is highly likely that a photon energy path in addition to classical humoral and neural pathways in the process of marking the iris. This pathway would explain the delicate problem of mapping variations.

Biography of the Author

      Born in 1967, the author travels in Africa, Asia and the Middle East before settling in the Pacific and Melanesian tribe to obtain a Master of Anthropology as part of the French University of the Pacific. Follow a decade of work and travel around the world in which he immersed himself in traditional medicine before training in France in Naturopathy and Iridology with AndrĂ© Lafon, Christophe Cannaud and Jerome D'Arcy.

Installed in office in the Lot, Xavier Slingue considering the upcoming opening of training in Iridology.

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