We envision the upcoming opening of training in Iridology as described in our book. Naturopathy course will occupy an important place, but always according to the particular angle of the relationship planet / Iris / metal and it offers multiple variations in the use of naturopathic techniques.

It will be a rigorous and comprehensive training is not addressed to beginners in the field of Naturopathy and Iridology. Indeed, mastery of basic tools is fundamental to the development and rise of a discipline, just like in music notation is based on freedom and creativity.

In this sense we can not only advise every student to be awarded by one of the courses offered by different schools of naturopathy, all of which are interesting in our view despite the vain and inevitable turf battles, all trainers with initial were breastfed and had to Father C. Marchesseau.

Besides the basics and naturopathic iridology conventional notions will be developed unusual in these disciplines, especially in the quantum domain and in the tight track (anthroposophy and alchemy among other things).

The teaching methods incorporate specific energy and care of tools to detect subtle supplementing the balance sheet that we created iridology: everyone can get an idea by reading our book, the implications of this method and extent elements to integrate.

Our education will address seemingly vast areas, but especially reveal the unit lost or forgotten. It is only by reference to our theme (planets / iris / metal) and the extent of their original unity that will be addressed disciplines and tools such as Tarot, I Ching, numerology, dowsing or Geobiology and nothing about a general theory.

All these techniques are at the origin of crypto-systems to report a universe where everything is interconnected by analog resonances that quantum physics rediscovered from a scientific reasoning.

Thus the Tarot and I Ching divination methods were not, but a brief summary of the theory of elements in which every event or phenomenon (storms, human behavior, pathology, etc..) Could be ranked according to its own combinatorial , and thus be compared to a separate phenomenon in order to grasp the principle of analog and thus discover the great laws of correspondence in the universe.

All this was carefully taught, and formed what is called Hermetic Science. It is from this source, despite a denial in part based on historical ignorance and partly from the dishonesty that have watered the great Greek philosophers of antiquity, and it is because philosophy has TODAY 'Today this legacy cut it looks so ridiculous with the realities of everyday cold.

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