Iridology is a method of observation, using a iridoscope, the colored part of the eye (iris) which sectors are projected organic and physiological functions.

Here are 4 maps of authors of reference that we use in our daily work:



       Changes to the iris pattern and analysis of different signs can make an assessment (not diagnosis) giving a pretty clear idea of the state of our land:

Constitution (heredity): determined by the state of the fabric of the iris. Regarded as adynamic and ultimately the quality of "texture" of the iris pattern can rank qualitatively the overall life force of a subject.

Temperament: psychophysiological orientation gained in contact with our environment. This is an adaptation to both natural and social environment resulting in certain behavioral tendencies and predispositions (strengths and weaknesses).

Diathesis: all morbid tendencies (recurrent infections, renal colic, digestive disorders etc..) Signing imbalances which inclines toward the meeting of our constitution and our temperament.

The iris analysis will take stock and custom decrypting the status of these 3 levels to advise, according to the techniques of Naturopathy, remedies, exercise and a healthy food does not seek to erase the symptoms (which are only the expression of a deeper cause) but to straighten and level the playing field of the patient.

We see in our book that the definition of the constitution in iridology and naturopathy has been built on the basis of 10% DNA structure (encoding proteins to repair and regenerate the body) and ignores the 90 % of our non-codingDNA (long described as unnecessary, redundant and even DNA "junk") does nothing but reveal the manufacturer eyes of his new science fontion vibration can transmit information to 10% our DNA structure based on the quality of its deployment at the periphery of each cell nucleus containing DNA.

This obviously means that individuals in the iris pattern can be considered relatively weak showing of resources and life force much greater than what is allowed by classical iridology (see photo book), DNA energy (90%) informing in this case the DNA structure (10%) to redirect trends.

The 7 Metals of Alchemy Tradition scientifically proved to be the carriers of this genetic information re-structure of DNA thought to be the sole master of both our genetic and impervious to the environment.

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