Two other books are in preparation. The first draw a parallel between science and quantum Hermetics as part of a deepening of Iridology (case studies and photographs) and a specific therapeutic application in Naturopathy.

The 7 Principles of Hermeticism great one to one will be rehabilitated by quantum physics after being discovered by other means 3500 years ago. Some of them are already validated by science as the Laws of: Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm and Gender. But we see that Hermeticism has gone beyond science about its modes of action on the matter and the human psyche.

The Law of Gender for example, reflects the phenomenon of attraction / repulsion in the physical world and phenomena of chemical affinity.

In this regard, the positive electricity (ions +) and negative electricity (- Ion) were symbolically regarded by the male principle as Hermeticism (Attractor / active) and feminine (generator / passive), as evidenced by the observation of a physical battery (+ attractor pole and - pole generator).

These elements have thus given rise to binary representations that are found in all spiritual traditions (yin and yang of Taoism, for example).

In line with this principle binary linked to electricity, found in all major traditions of figuration ternary (Trinity Christian and Hindu, the 3 pillars of the Tree of the Kabbalah, the modes cardinal, fixed and mutable in the astrology etc..) reflections on them of the great laws of electromagnetism (discovered in the nineteenth century) presiding over all the phenomena of the physical world and initially symbolized as follows by the Hermetic:

Electricity (+ / masculine / active)

Magnetism (- / female / passive)

Electromagnetism (balanced / neutral)

We find these physical phenomena at work in nature, particularly as regards the remedies vibrational medicine (which is precisely what our work is based), which homeopathy is the sticking point.

We will also extend the use of metals in all body elements of the Periodic Table of Mendeleev. These items are available for most homeopathic materia medica as is silent as to their use.

We will see how articulate the valence electromagnetic and atomic weight of these remedies a therapeutic standpoint.

We develop in this same book the problem of miasma in natural medicine, and we'll see how they are directly related to dysfunction plexus energy (chakras), creating roadblocks to healing and maintaining negative mental tendencies.

      Another book will consist of a material not organized around medical remedies and symptoms that overlap, but according to a classification based on the theory of elements and their combinations (see previously published book), the dominant positive electric negative or remedies, and their electromagnetic value.

Similarities between medicine and established carriers and pathology of these signals.

On plants, the part used is itself characterized by a dominant Elemental (root / Earth rod / water, leaf / air, flower / Fire), although the plant as a whole is often dominated by a particular element. This point justifies not always use the whole plant to obtain greater accuracy. It includes, for example much better than the needles (leaves / Air) Pine (plant light / March) is active on the sphere bronchopulmonary (Air) when the pathological form is a dry cough and irritant (Fire Air) The essential oil of pine reflecting good example.

It is thus unnecessary to build a sophisticated biochemical knowledge (also interesting and should not be overlooked, this is obviously not our intention) reserved for chemists and pharmacologists.

This analog method, despite its apparent complexity, has the enormous advantage of being accessible by logical reasoning and not by knowledge built by the faculty of medicine or school of Naturopathy. In parallel observing a plant and an individual patient can enter their dominant

To plant: root equilibrium (Earth) / rod (Water) / sheet (Air) / Blossom (Fire)

For the patient: Pole disorders (metabolic / Earth and Water, rhythmic / Air, neurosensory / Fire). Behavior, makeup, temperature (heat, nervousness, sweating) and all events and their location.

We will see elsewhere in this book that scientific discoveries on the therapeutic value of chemical components of plants - depending on the portion used - merely cover the alchemical tradition, Kabbalistic and anthroposophicwho made ​​it in other terms.

Indeed, although we have with modern breakthroughs, we must admit that every time adjusts his language to the world view generated by the profound changes survenus.Il So a lot of redundancy under the reformulated otherwise apparent scientific discoveries.

Hermetic medicine and deepening as we try to make should not lead to an increasingly complex but rather a return to a unified view of phenomena. Thus it is possible to read for every patient, every disease and every remedy ofPrinciples at work in order to prescribe according to these principles.

In this respect the Tree of Kabbalah offers great opportunities for understanding of these great principles browsing the event that the homeopathic materia medica modern translated too diverse to ensure that all medicines are used.

Thus, we believe that Tradition is a tool for synthesis of a rationality unrivaled simply misunderstood it is because our worldview and our education have changed.

Our classifications will also focus on diet, electromagnetic polarity on food (see previously published book for the example of the lemon and banana) and the physical value of this polarity (speed of movement of the electron shells in the nuclear periphery atoms forming the molecules), reflecting the vitality of the food.

These aspects usually hidden have a major influence on the acid-base balance and to understand how a food acid can be basic (and vice versa) in the body.

There are of course tools to evaluate and rank and remedies and foods and get a great deal of autonomy in relation to contradictory truths dealt out by new regimes claiming panacea.

Take the example of coffee that is either blamed (for Naturopathy in general) is recommended for weight loss (calorie burner):

According to the cafes there are differences in polarities that are transforming the electromagnetic effect on the body, and can say that according to the types of individuals can consume, it n'acidifiera not systematically and that not necessarily impair the nervous system.

In a Manichean world of ease, this approach is challenging because it involves a minimum of self-knowledge and discernment in a context where those who feed without reflection endorse an industry food injurious to health, and where those who claim to reflect often content with a good conscience bio mainly vegetarian. The reality is certainly more sophisticated and deep.

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