Naturopathy is Western medicine which existed before the advent of chemistry. Hippocrates was like all naturopathic physicians of antiquity and Middle Ages, had no access to synthetic chemical compounds, their remedies were drawn to the forces of nature.

The diagnoses were not based on symptoms alone, and typologies supported by observation and experience directing these naturopathic doctors to an appreciation of the pathological causes. Were then used remedies and techniques such as water, air, natural radiation, magnetism, fasting, plants, minerals and metals and not just appalling bloodletting or potions which only imperfect remain today that revenue grandmother.

The man did not wait, huddled in a cloak of ignorance and superstition, the industrial revolution and chemical medicine that originated in an attempt to understand life and its principles of balance, construction and destruction. Modern medicine was an undeniable progress (vaccines, antibiotics, surgery saving), but progress must not obscure the economic drift and systematization exaggerated, not least the closure and authority in respect of intrusive alternative medicine . To neutralize viruses, bacteria and parasites have a long and accurate methods of sophisticated and powerful natural remedies (herbal medicine is not only an alternative medicine), and if life-threatening emergency, chemistry is obviously a therapeutic solution.

Conventionally, Naturopathic medicine is defined as a natural non-symptomatic. It relies on tools for assessment as iridology, kinesiology, Auriculotherapy, Kirlian electrophotography or morphopsychology which are gateways to a reading of the patient's field and evaluation of its state.

This personalized assessment is then used to advise, among the 10 major naturopathic techniques, those deemed by the practitioner as best suited to the situation in terms of life force available:

  • Food

  • Vitamins and Minerals

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Chromatherapy

  • Magnetism

  • Psychology

  • Hydrology (derivatives baths, showers rectal, colon hydrotherapy and other techniques)

  • Respirology (breathing techniques, inhalation, oxygenation catalytic)

  • Reflexology (Foot, endonasal, ear etc..)

What this means to patients taking medicines orally, by adjusting food and health advice vital. Some techniques that we have just mentioned are often integrated to form care consultations.

Naturopathy is a contemporary medicine that is neither nostalgic nor sclerotic. It respects the historical tradition from which it came but it evolves to the extent of scientific objectification of the functioning of life energy. And emerging new channels (quantum medicine) and tools (pulsed magnetic fields) to refine our understanding of the field and always act as early manifestation of disease. The materialistic approach (organic and physiological) can and must coexist with the psychological approach (which historically was a reconsideration of the individual at the center of the pathology), and now with the new energy approaches.

But do not imagine this place as a simple time trend. The technology on which we can build today to demonstrate how energy (electromagnetic and quantum) of living does not sign the subtle beginning of this medicine. Control, through non-technological dimension of this energy is much older than we imagine, and the man of different civilizations at different periods of history has already probed the infinitely small DNA and electromagnetic and quantum universe, we demonstrate in our book.

Natural medicines are neither simple nor pre-scientific, they have many plans in close relation with the level of knowledge and awareness of therapists.

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